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We Are Soterra

We believe that all women deserve an affordable, reliable and versatile way to access emergency help when threatened or at risk.

Congrats to Leaf Wearables for winning the Anu & Naveen Jain Women's Safety XPrize

The Problem

Despite the astoundingly high global rates of sexual assault, harassment and violence, women in countries around the world continue to lack access to a reliable emergency response system.

4.5 Billion People Do Not Have Access To Emergency Responders

Our Solution

We don't just believe that women should be connected, we believe that they can be . We are developing a device which will allow women worldwide to be constantly connected to emergency services. The device is being designed to be situationally universal. It can connect with or without internet, to either emergency responders or a group of predetermined close contacts. The small device can be worn or kept on their person at all times. Our device is more cost effective, and 50x more locationally accurate than current market solutions, which means it is affordable to a much wider number of women in developing countries who are constantly at risk. We have built this product with user in mind, making it as flexible and easy to use as possible so it can seamlessly become a part of their every day life.

That same user-first design philosophy is true in our software. We are creating an optional app anyone can download to make both their device and all devices around them connect to emergency responders faster. We have also developed a robust backend platform to help emergency responders coordinate efforts to reach women who have triggered a red alert. Through these two customized software solutions in tangent with our innovative device, we are enabling women around the world to continually reach out for aid in times of need.

Read For Yourself

Every aspect of our design is featured in our design manual including our device, our app, and emergency responder portal. See for yourself how easy a Soterra is to use.

Our Operating Manual


“A device like the Soterra would be extremely beneficial to victims of domestic and sexual violence. A device like this one would allow someone to signal for help without escalating the violence further. The two tier system of the Soterra is unique in that it does not have to automatically alert emergency services. This would be extremely beneficial in a domestic violence situation where someone does not want to alert police but needs a friend or family member to interrupt. Sexual and domestic violence often happens behind closed doors and the Soterra device gives victims a bystander when there is no one else present.”

Emily Rieser, BSW | Senior Outreach Educator | Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley

“Certainly everyone deserves the basic right to feel safe, and if a device helps them acquire that right, they should have one. It's also important to provide women this kind of safety, no matter where they may be, including areas of little to no wifi connectivity, based upon international data on gender-based violence.”

Rita Jones | Director | Center for Gender Equity

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Our Team

With backgrounds in everything from engineering to graphic design to finance, our dedicated team of Lehigh students has the broad array of skills needed to take on this challenge, and the passion to complete it.

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35% of women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes, imagine how many lives we could improve with just a $35 contribution.

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